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Fu Kwee Catering

Birth of customer top reviewed caterer in Singapore.



Fu Kwee Catering has been in business since 1989. Our knowledge and experience in catered events, wedding receptions, baby shower, open houses and corporate events will make your choice of Fu kwee Catering a special one. We pride ourselves in our superior customer service. “No” is not a word in the Fu Kwee Catering vocabulary.  We are happy to help with any last-minute catering requests and will always do our very best to provide the highest quality services with limited time restraints. And, our staff is known for being friendly, professional and accommodating.


We always want our clients to feel like handling the catering was a pleasant and stress-free task. And, we want all their guests to always leave both happy and full!


In January 2017, Tong Chiang Group acquired Fu Kwee Catering Services .In September 2017, Tong Chiang Group rebranding for the subsidiary, replacing the name " Fu Kwee Catering Services " with " Fu Kwee Catering Pte Ltd".



We use only the best selection of fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables chosen from a host of local vendors and farmer's markets. We want your event to be the absolute best event your guests have ever been to.



To be the first-to-mind caterer known for its value which people from all walks of life can enjoy.



To deliver quality meal that all can enjoy.

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